MunichParis.com is one of the first German fashion blogs dedicated to both women’s and men’s fashion. We show our personal outfits, trends, and key pieces. Julie and Ramses are a real-life fashion couple, loving life and all the beautiful things that come with it.

We want MunichParis to be more than just another outfit blog. We strive to inspire people, show how much more there is to fashion blogging than wearing cute clothes. While travelling our favorite cities and staying up late to live our dreams, we are sharing our emotions, stories and maybe some secrets.“

Inspiration comes from wherever you seek – it’s not only about fashion. We love design, interior trends, the latest beauty news, we are enthusiast (online) shoppers and storytellers.

Based in Munich, Germany. Ever and forever lost our heart to Paris. (Just in case you wondered where the name comes from.)

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You think your brand and MunichParis.com would come close? You want to work with us? Contact us here or write us an email: hello@munichparis.com

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