Gucci for Havanna – New Summer Sunnies Collection

What is obvious to many people when they think of the capitol of the little caribbean island? Cigars, old timers and beautiful young Señoritas with gorgeous sun tanned skin and bright lovely smiles on their faces? Maybe, but for what it is also the namesake of the sunglass collection of some very prominent house called Gucci and it is bringing Cuban joy for life right on your noses and giving you the vacation feeling right down the street in wherever that might be, but you get message though.
The set is located at some mansion and men and women alike standing next to the pool wearing these incredible smooth and awesome sunglasses which make the scene cut straight out of some epic 60s movie.
The collection includes much or less the exact thing that matches everybody’s needs for the perfect sunglasses with  that sweet little taste of la revolución.

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